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The New Co-Prosperity Sphere

A community of Asian fascists and National Socialists

The New Co-Propserity Sphere is an alliance of Asian Fascist and Nationalist Movements who seek to free their nations from Western/Zionist Imperialism and unite our nations into a Political, Military and Economic Alliance and to help each of our movements take power in our respective countries. Together we are united as a single race: the Asian Race.

We are NOT a Roleplay/Larp server.

What do we fight for?

We fight for an Asia united under Fascism to create a New Order of peace and co-propserity through co-operation.

Our Commandments

  1. All Movements in the Sphere will mutually respect one another regardless of country of origin and racial or religious composition.
  2. All Movements in the Sphere will coordinate with one another and provide support to each other when needed.
  3. If any Movement successfully takes power in a country, they must put more effort into helping their allies gain power than they were capable of doing before.
  4. Once power is taken, The Sphere will establish itself as a Military, Economical and Political Alliance to create peace and a New Order in Asia opposed to other Globalist International Cliques and the greedy individuals behind them.
  5. No more brother wars. All of us are united as an Asian brotherhood and will settle our differences and disputes in a peaceful manner after victory is achieved over our enemies and the establishment of the New Co-Prosperity Sphere.
  6. No Asian nations will dominate each other. We are an alliance of free fascist countries with their own wills and each nation within the Sphere has the right to be a sovereign state supported by each other.
  7. Every Party/Group/Movement within the Sphere will be subservient to the political goals and values of the Sphere and have no right to override them.
  8. We do not tolerate any sympathies to the Zionist world order, Radical Islam, Liberalism, Communism and other Enemies within the diverse Third Position which goes against our values.
  9. National Leaders are meant to respect each other but have the right to criticize one another for wrongdoings.
  10. The Secretary General is to lead the Sphere with absolute loyalty to the Fascist Worldview and the Asian Race with everybody and every nation's interests in mind without favouritism or prejudice and shall be chosen by merit and contributions to the wellbeing of the Sphere.